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Shipping Info

All orders are shipped via US Postal Service First Class Mail or Priority Mail (if the order is over 13 ounces). Orders are shipped out 1-2 days after we receive the order, if the items are in stock. (80% of what's in the web site we have in stock). You get your order in 3 - 7 days after we receive it. If we do not have the item in stock we will back order the item for you and notify you by e-mail to keep you informed about your order and when you can expect it (2-8 weeks). If you do not receive an e-mail within 2 working days of your placing the order, it means your order went out.


Many of our products are shipped free, however if it doesn't say free
shipping on the product page use the list below to determine shipping cost.
PLEASE NOTE! - There is a 1 time handling fee of $1.00 per order regardless of what is ordered.

Same as USA plus whats listed below. Free shipping
still applies on the products we ship free. The shipping fee will not show
up in the shopping cart. It will be added to the shopping cart total manually.

  • T-shirts - $3.00 per t-shirt (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Hoodies - $7.50 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Tapestries - $7.50 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Backpacks - $9.00 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • All Posters - $3.00 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Ashtrays - $3.00 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Magnets - Free (Canada + $1.00/magnet)
  • Coffie mugs - $5.00 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Hats - $3.00 each (Canada + $6.00/order)
  • Rock Tapestries - $1.50 each (Canada + $2.00/tapestry)

International Orders
We do not ship international orders when ordering with a charge card. International orders can be made by using a check or money order. Send in your check or money order with the order form to the address on the form. The shipping for international orders is the same as domestic PLUS $6.00 international delivery fee except for Australia. For deliveries to Australia add $9.95 international delivery fee.