bandanas and band bandanas concert bandanas at Rock Star Headquarters


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Right now orders are going out the next day if the items are in stock. (80% of what's on the web-site is in stock). If the item(s) you ordered is not in stock you will receive an "out of stock" e-mail within 2 working days. (The "out of stock" e-mail is not the same as the "order conformation" e-mail you receive after placing the order). Please check your e-mail for 2 working days after you make an order. If what you ordered was in stock and you do not receive an out of stock e-mail within the 2 day period (working days) it means your order was shipped. If you did not receive an order confirmation e-mail, you either typed your e-mail address wrong or your order didn't go through. Please try again.

If you are waiting for a product to come in, please be patient. Sometimes the manufacturers are out of stock of some of the ordered items. Back orders could take as long as 6 -8 weeks to fill. If you received an e-mail telling you "we were out of stock on the item you ordered and it will be in, in 2-4 weeks", this is usually true. However sometimes we get our orders half filled from the manufacturers. Some of the products we order don't come in, so we have to reorder it again. That is what's causes the delay. If you received an e-mail from us please be patient & be assured that we are doing everything possible to get your order to you as soon as it comes in. If we are unable to get the product within 8 weeks, we will notify you by e-mail, your order will be canceled and your account credited. We're sorry if this happens, but the manufacturers don't tell us when they discontinue an item.