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Letters from our customers.


Well, all I wanted to say was that my family and I have been going to the Jersey shore for as long as I can remember. As I grew up and started down my own path to certain style and music, I found comfort in your store. It has everything a little rock star chick would want. I have bought MANY items from you store over the years. I wear the bracelet I bought from your store EVERYDAY. I was just there in your store on Monday, August 28th, and you gave me your little silver card with all the info Ineed to make a wonderful purchase at home. I am sure I will be using your site for many of my online purchases. (oh and thank you for talking me into buying that KoRn shirt, I love it!!!!!!) You are amazing at what you do, so keep it all coming. Talk to you soon, JULIE from Central New Jersey.

From: Kim Vornauf

Hi there ! Hey - I just got my Pink Floyd shirt two days ago - you were REALLY fast shipping that - I'm way impressed ! And - it's great quality and looks just like your scan on your site - good show ! Very pleased ! Say - I also ordered a Korn shirt for the kid - I'm curious if you can't get it scanned and up on the site real soon so we can see it ! It's the newest " Follow The Leader" shirt, and he walked in wearing one today, so I want to see if I just ordered him the same one or not ! If I did - may I exchange it ? This kid is a MAJOR Korn fan, so I look for shirts for him all the time ! Thanks so much - see also if maybe you could get more Floyd !!!!!! Sure glad I found you ! Spreading the word, Kim

From: Cory

Thanks for your quick service! I was very pleased and will not hesitate to use your fine services again! Cory